Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunday Servings #8

I promised myself I was never going to do this but, due to recent vacation, I am still re-adjusting to being back in Florida. I'm still running on Pacific Standard Time and is currently missing my moms cooking so ignore my whining....So, sorry for the repeat topic post!

I've always loved butterfly shadow boxes. I've been meaning to get my first box but either I felt too sorry for the butterflies or I've been broke...probably the latter.
(Bug Under Glass)
I actually found this artist by accident. I was googling for some really chic-geek travel bags since I just recently broke my luggage from running a bit too fast (dang you short connections!). I stumbled on this site and was amazed by the incredible detail that came with just watercolors
(David Scheirer Watercolors)
Yeah, I still watch cartoons, what about it?! Actually, I graduated with a BA in Animation so I still find cartoons way too entertaining for my sake. More often than not, I call it "research". Legend of Korra has been my recent obsession and the second season finally came out yesterday after a year or so of waiting. The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra is probably going to be the cartoon of choice that my kids are going to be immersed in.
Alas, I did find a travel bag! Although this is probably more like a weekend bag, it's still very cute. I love the design and the color is so playful.
As some of you know, I am an avid tea drinker. I've always felt bad throwing away used tea bags because even though I thought they had served their purpose, there's just got to be something else they're good at dagnabit! Welp, search no more because this article definitely has answered my cry.

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