Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pacific Northwest: Newport Bound!

I am excited to share probably my favorite place in the whole world. I know that's a pretty strong statement considering I have yet to go to Scotland or Greece (or pretty much my whole "Wanderlust" album on pinterest...) but that's besides my point. I have been visiting Newport, Oregon every year for almost six years now with my family and our friends. Even though we go to the same place, stay at the same hotel and do the same activities, I somehow still find something new.

I will take you through what we often do, give and take a couple of new things since most of the teens are a bit grown-up. 

We always stay at Embarcadero Resort Hotel and Marina because they have a private dock for fishing and crabbing. This is the view from the docks where you can walk along the marina and view the private boats and occasional seals.

There is still one baby left in the gang and she is turning nine in a couple of weeks. I had already turned down swimming with her so when she begged me to help her build her tree house, I jumped right in. I mean, it's Legos, how hard can it be?....Apparently very much! HAVE YOU SEEN THESE CONTRAPTIONS? I had to resort to the instruction manual which no child should have to do. 

Anyways, after a million years of building the Da Vinci Code we managed to finish the Lego Tree House. My brother (on the left) then rescued me with a boat rental so that we can go fishing, big kids style!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Servings #5

I just adore crystal necklaces. There's just something very elegant and mysteriousness about them. 
(Gather Jewelry)
I know it's still technically summer yet I can't hide the fact that I miss Winter. It's my favorite season because I get to bring out my military jackets (which I still find an excuse to wear any season!) and colorful scarves.
(Miss Selfridge)
I remember playing Starcraft when I was about 11 and fast forward to today, I'm pretty sure its what started my passion for video games. RTS or Real Time Strategy is my favorite genre of gaming because I believe it takes more than just "point and clicks" to strategically succeed. Also Terran ftw!
I have been looking for new shoes since I've started to run again now that I'm up in Washington State for a month. I've always loved the fact that you can customize Nike shoes online so I fell in love once I created this minty creation.
The Mortal Instrument series has got to be on my top 3 favorite series. When I heard that a movie was being made I remember grunting about it. I was a bit excited to see how the characters would be fleshed out though but when I saw the first couple of teaser pictures then the trailers, I almost wailed. I'm just more concerned about how others might judge the series by what they see in the movie...guess I'll have to see for myself. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Calling Lovely Bloggers: Modcloth Is Looking For You!

Are you a lover of all things vintage? Mad Menesque type dresses or just retro inspired styles? Well then, I introduce you to ModCloth! To those of you who haven't heard of this wonderful store, it is a retro, indie and vintage inspired website that offers unique pieces that will surely delight anyone. You probably have seen my Sunday Servings posts which almost always include a link back to ModCloth. They just have the most amazing pieces that I never see anywhere else. That says a lot considering I am such a picky shopper.

When I saw ModCloth was looking for bloggers to join their Affiliate Program through ShareASale, I jumped right in. What more perfect way to reap the benefits of your favorite clothing site than to partner up with them! They have an incredible list of perks if approved including earning $10 for each blogger friend that also gets approved! So you and your followers can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Here are some of the listed perks:

  • Regular Commision Rate: 7%
  • Average Sale: $106
  • Cookie: 45 days
  • Dedicated affiliate management team with updates on promotion, contests, and sales opportunities.
        and so much more.

So what are you waiting for? Help a girl out and click the image below to sign-up!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aeropostle: Love Aero Nail Sticker Review

So I was in an outlet mall with my family and we ended up inside Aeropostle. After an hour, I didn't really find anything that I wanted until some Nail Stickers caught my eye. Maybe they were new but I don't remember Aeropostle to be carrying Nail Stickers before. When I found out they were on sale, I thought I'd give them a try. They were 2 for $5 and had only a couple of designs available.

So this is one of the two stickers I got. It was the only one that had a pretty girly design and I thought it could go well with most of my outfits.

I usually only use the smallest stickers since I have baby hands, lol. 

I cut the tips that I know my fingers can't reach to save as french tips for later nail art. That way I can have two uses for one set of Nail Stickers!

I decided to use my Sally Hansen Nail'd It for one of my fingers to mix it up a little.

The Nail Stickers turned out cuter than I thought. They stick quite well after adding a top coat as a seal. Although after a couple of hours the tips on some of my fingers had started to peal a little. It could also be on my part since I've been digging around in my forest of a purse a lot and or because I rushed my top coat a bit. Either way I would say it's a good bargain at the moment but if I had to buy it at regular price, I would probably just pass and opt for a more expensive yet trusted brand.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chi Chi Blogger Competition!

I have been looking to add to my dress collection since I noticed the ones I have are so age inappropriate for church. I mean I've had them since early High School and I guess it's time for some grown up dresses! So when I saw that Chi Chi was doing a new blogger competition, I jumped right in.

This is my wishlist from their website. The dresses are so darling and I am craving them to be in my closet! If you'd also like to create your own wishlist and enter, click THIS for instructions. Hurry because the competition ends tomorrow.

(click to enlarge)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Servings #4

I have been eyeing this sweater for almost 3 weeks now. I've been obsessing over tribalish clothing and this sweater is just perfect.
I've mentioned I collect maps before so when I found this print I almost lost it. They also have different parts of the country which are also equally cute. Now I'll just need to save up!
(Urban Outfitters)
I love this show. I am an oddity enthusiast myself so when I stumbled on this show one random morning, I couldn't stop until I finished the whole season.
The best thing about "Back To School" season are the cute backpacks. How come I never had such adorable packs to choose from when I was still in school?

My teapot is getting rusty at the bottom so I thought it's time for a new one. I have been craving a transparent one since I love looking at the different teas I brew. 
(Nook In The Woods)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Take A Moment

I was going to write something, a new adventure or another food I have snapped subconsciously. Maybe. But I happen to click a link and uncovered a wonderful, beautiful snippet of poetry. It's heartbreaking yet so heartwarming. Take a moment to watch, I know I'm glad I did.

Be back with a new post shortly!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Food Day

This last Saturday, my family had gone on somewhat of a food adventure. Looking at these pictures had me realize how food is actually so important to our family. After church, we go out to eat. We go to the mall, we go out to eat. Someone's visiting, we go out to eat. It's like whatever we do, it's always rewarded by some really good food. Come to think of it, everyone's getting ready to get some Pho :).

Anyways, my day started with my favorite Green Tea Frapp and a brownie that I couldn't possibly pass on. But look at these new (I think) pastry packaging. It was such a cute/tasty combination of colors.

After church my family headed over the bridge for some good Pho Most of the places my family takes me are new to me considering they decided to explore other cuisines while I was away for college (hmpf!). I got the Wonton Soup and it was delicious. I ordered the small size and I still couldn't finish it. 

Afterwards, my family for some reason still had room for desserts so we stopped by Gary's Bakery & Bistro. While my mom was buying a fresh loaf of bread, I was distracted by the dessert display. It was nearing the end of the day and they only had a few treats left. My brother ended up buying a couple of Tiramisu for later. 

Then my mom mentioned this one place that apparently had the best crepes in town and the next thing I knew, we pull up to Mojo Crepes. The first thing I notice is the cute little monkeys on their windows and the Nutella bottles on their wall. I was about to order my crepe when I notice their ice creams and I literally almost lost my head when I noticed they had Green Tea as one of the flavors! I was in dessert heaven.

Although I didn't get crepes, I had a few sample from my mom's and brother's strawberry banana crepes. So I didn't really miss out on anything.

The place also had lounge chairs everywhere and a couple of pool tables. My family and I played for a bit and it was fun just hanging out for a change. Overall the place seemed perfect for couples and a sweet spot for hanging out with your friends. I may be back for some green tea ice cream soon.

As I sit here typing out my day, this lovely Tiramisu is being devoured. Thanks bro.

So whenever you're in the northwest, specifically Portland, OR, be sure to check those places out. I'm sure it won't disappoint!

smile pink cat

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Servings #3

I'm sorry for my Eastern time readers, I'm currently running on West Coast time so my Sunday Servings might be a little late for some.

I love Supernatural so when I saw this, I was laughing for about a minute straight. C'mon, who can resist baby Cas?
(Pinterest..but I'm pretty sure it's someone from Tumblr.)
Winter is my favorite seasons because I love layering my outfits. I adore this top so much because with Northwest climate, it'll be comfy enough without being too hot in the summer weather.
I can't stand splurging a lot of money just because of a well known brand but Michael Kors' handbags have struck a chord in my frugal little heart. I can't resist ogling their bags and watches!
(Michael Kors)
I am a Harry Potter nerd and Snape has got to be my favorite fictional character ever written. I remember whining that I was put into Gryffindor when I took the test on Pottermore because I wanted to be in Slytherin sooo bad.
(Geek Sleek Sheek Art)
My favorite game console is a Nintendo 3Ds so when I got one for Christmas I brought it with me everywhere (until it was stolen..). I love puzzle games so when the Professor Layton series came out, it added to my unhealthy addiction to gaming.

Friday, August 9, 2013

New Tablet!

So I finally invested on a tablet of my own. I've been using my roommates ever since my first one died but taking it with me for a month seemed unfair. I also couldn't possibly wait a month before doing work so I went and grabbed one when I came home.

I picked the smallest one they had because of the price. It was the cheapest one and I have heard praises about the brand itself. Besides, I was already use to the small size considering both of my past ones were also small tablets.

My mom tried convincing me to get the next size up which, I would think, have better features. But I heard a good artist once say, "It's not the tablet that makes a good artist. That's like saying it was the camera that shot a good photograph." Anddd, I didn't feel like paying a $100 more lol. 

Cookie seems to approve of my choice. Expect a post on my trio of cats soon! I bought my tablet at Best Buy but you can also check out Wacom for more of their products.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pre-Vacation Adventure

I'm finally back home in Washington but before I left, my friends and I decided to get together. I love any place that serves rice with their meals so naturally, I decided to go to a fancy Asian restaurant. Asia Bay is right by well, a "bay". But don't let the nasty water fool you, it was far from bad on the inside.

I ordered a tempura/teriyaki bento box that I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of because I was so hungry but before it came, I had a decent size miso soup as a side. Going there at lunch time was a great idea because for such a fancy place, their prices were unbelievably cheap. My whole meal cost $13 and satisfied me enough until dinner time!

Afterwards we decided to get some dessert. My friend and I discovered a hidden jem called Baci Gelato in Fort Lauderdale. They have one of the best gelato ice creams I've ever had! My favorite is the mint chocolate chip.

My anxiety for flying was finally kicking in. I have this weird relationship with coffee that instead of it waking me up, it helps me fall asleep. So in hoping it will help me sleep 40,000 feet in the air, I decided to try one of their cappuccinos.

It was a nice ending to my last day in Florida. Whenever you're in my side of the sunny state, check those places out and look forward to more food adventures now that I'm home.

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