Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Servings #5

I just adore crystal necklaces. There's just something very elegant and mysteriousness about them. 
(Gather Jewelry)
I know it's still technically summer yet I can't hide the fact that I miss Winter. It's my favorite season because I get to bring out my military jackets (which I still find an excuse to wear any season!) and colorful scarves.
(Miss Selfridge)
I remember playing Starcraft when I was about 11 and fast forward to today, I'm pretty sure its what started my passion for video games. RTS or Real Time Strategy is my favorite genre of gaming because I believe it takes more than just "point and clicks" to strategically succeed. Also Terran ftw!
I have been looking for new shoes since I've started to run again now that I'm up in Washington State for a month. I've always loved the fact that you can customize Nike shoes online so I fell in love once I created this minty creation.
The Mortal Instrument series has got to be on my top 3 favorite series. When I heard that a movie was being made I remember grunting about it. I was a bit excited to see how the characters would be fleshed out though but when I saw the first couple of teaser pictures then the trailers, I almost wailed. I'm just more concerned about how others might judge the series by what they see in the movie...guess I'll have to see for myself. 


  1. I have never heard of this series but maybe I will catch the movie.

    1. Definitely keep an open mind about it. In my opinion the series is phenomenal...I'm just a bit worried about the movie lol :)

  2. I love that coat, gah it is that time of year to shop for one. :) Visiting today from Monday Mingle!

  3. I love the series too!!! I loooove the coat! I've been looking for a military jacket but haven't been able to find a decent one!

    1. Ooh I found mine on a sales rack in Charlotte Russe in the summertime. I couldn't believe it was only $20 considering it was selling for twice the price a couple months back! So definitely keep your eyes peeled ;)

  4. that crystal necklace is so pretty, thank you for sharing!♡

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