Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ahaishopping Hosted Giveaway!

Ahaishopping is a Korean and street fashion women clothing online store, offering cheap women clothes, jewelries  and free shipping worldwide. There are over 40 special offers everyday and only $9.99, and they are hosting a very special giveaway!

(Click the picture to be redirected to their site)

If you are a blogger who also have a Pinterest account, please don’t miss this golden opportunity. This International activity is opened for people worldwide, regardless of class, race, nationality and religion. Please Email us with your blog & Pinterest links for confirmation.


1. We have set up 3 awards for 6 winners. 
  • (1) winner for the first prize—free items worth $100
  • (2) winners for the second prize—free items worth $50 for each
  • (3) winners for the third prize—free items worth $30 for each.

2. Each of the rest participants will get $5 bonus as reward.

  1.  Like us on Facebook
  2.  Follow us on Pinterest
  3.  Create a blog article introducing this contest, getting more people partake in this.
  4.  For convenience sake, you’d better create a board especially for Ahaishopping. Of course if you  already had a board for Ahai, you needn’t do so.
  5. Pick your favorite items from Ahaishopping and then Pin them to your Pinterest board. The more items you pin, the greater chance to win the award.
  6. Please give comments on this contest and kindly add the links of your blog article written for Ahai. And, your Ahai Pinterest link is also needed. The winners are selected in accordance with the effects of your blog article and Pinterest.
  7. If you want to comment more than once, please find your original comment, click reply and then    comment there.
  1.  We will announce 6 winners on the page when the activity ends. Each of the rest participants shall get 5 bonus code as reward.
  2. Every participant can get 5 dollars bonus and the 5 dollars can only be offset when your order is above 30 dollars (ie. you order items that worth 30 dollars, you only need to pay 25 dollars).
  3. The ultimate rights are reserved by Ahaishopping Team.

laugh pink cat
Good Luck Everyone!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: Resvology Youth-Activating Skincare!

When it comes to baggy eyes, I am a poster child for this unbearable curse. I have tried everything from regular sleep schedule to every color correction makeup (which are all a waste imho) out there. When I saw Resvology, I didn't know anything about them. One thing I did know is that their success rate for reducing fine lines and dark circles were incredibly high. When I had the opportunity to review one of their products, I was so hopeful that maybe this just might do the trick!

Sample product sizes compared to Resvology box.
The Unique Solution:
Hydrating and rejuvenating anti-aging eye cream infused with active peptides, botanicals and the multi-patented 4-AR Molecule™, clinically-proven to help fuel healthy gene activity by 330%. Safe for all skin types, this lightweight formula helps minimize fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, improves skin firmness, deflates puffiness and brightens dark circles. 

- Minimizes crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles
- Reinforces skin firmness and elasticity
- Deflates puffiness and brightens dark circles

The Exclusive Actives:
- 4-AR Molecule™
- Oligo Tetrapeptides
- Panthenol
- Barley, Sandalwood & Olive Extracts

I received the Resvology Age Corrective Eye CreamThe application was very smooth. You really only have to pump once to get enough for both eyes which is pretty incredible because this little thing could last awhile! Although I wasn't consistent on applying it everyday, I did notice a significant softness around my eye area. Also as you can see below, the area around my eye has started to get lighter.

And the award for the most unattractive face shot goes to this! Lol oh for the sake of blogging....
Before                                                                             After       
Pro: Generous bottle size, smooth application, product actually working!
Con: lack of instructions on application.

Overall Resvology is an amazing product. Even after just one application I felt my skin perk up and immediately felt smoothness around my eye area. I normally wouldn't spend my money on expensive "baby bottle" skin products with a promise of ever lasting youth but Resvology has proven that they are not only affordable but their product works. Check out their website and Facebook for more information!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Servings #12

One of my favorite Halloween tradition is baking. I just love the idea of turning cute cupcakes into menacing (but yummy) creations! I need this cookie cutter in my life, my brain is already forming way too many ideas!
(Verbrugge Watercolor)
I am in love with this beautiful clutch! The fact that it features the Pacific Ocean and I see a part of my country makes it a lot more special. I definitely need to save up.
(Crafts by Nesli)
Speaking of cupcakes, I just love how this treat is set up. I might just have to try this little creation soon.
(Better Homes and Garden)
Off topic now but I can't get over this VW concept car. It's not my first choice aesthetically but think about all the benefits with that boat deck. I can see myself cruising around the beaches of Florida, park it out then climb on top for maximum sunbathing!
(Oh Gizmo)
Supernatural is back with the new season and I can't wait until the next episode (Ezekiel, can I get an amen!). This print is so beautifully made, I love it's paper craft style and the details the artist has put into each character.
(Unicorn Empire Prints)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trip Down Digital Lane!

Do you hoard digital pictures on your phone because you're too lazy to upload it into your computer? Well, join the club! I have spent all weekend going through three cellphones (two old ones) just to see what kind of pictures I have just stored in secrecy. Little did I know I'd get warped into a whirlwind of emotions and nostalgia. I literally found myself laughing and almost crying just by the amount of memories I had almost forgotten!

Here's some of the random ones I had found and had struck me with the most emotions.

Independence Day Weekend 2013. It was the first 4th of July without my family but the first with my boyfriend's. They always celebrated at their grans beach house and I must admit, it was a lot relaxing.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 had just ended and we found our way back to the pier. My feet was throbbing and my stomach was churning but seeing this majestic ship distracted me from all of it.

Yearly Fair West Palm Beach, FL. I never really thought I had a fear of heights until our carousel was stuck 24623 feet from the ground for 15 minutes!

I have about 11347 or so shots of this same spot. I am in love with how the moonlight is peaking through my blinds every single night.

5th year anniversary with my boyfriemd. We didn't have a car but managed to get to Miami and had lunch by the ocean which is one of my go-to spots.

Oregon Zoo winter of 2012. I was giving two of my friends from Florida a tour of the Pacific Northwest and just had to show them Polar Bears!

11th Quarter Midterm hustle. I miss seeing the line of computers back to back and their cords almost tripping every passerby. My batch was definitely the best crew to graduate with.

End of the line, graduatees celebration at my old Library job. My boss has this creepy sculpture of Pikachu that would always scare every patron that'd come in. 

If you want a trip down memory lane, there's nothing better than old phones. I know I'll definitely have to transfer pictures immediately before tomorrow comes because it'll be there forever!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Servings #11

I apologize for being silent this past week. I have been meticulously slaving away on my Etsy shop that I have recently opened. I'm going to be posting about it soon and will probably host a giveaway.

How cute are these? I love cupcakes, having these in my work space would probably trigger a lot of cravings.
(Born Pretty)
This design is spot on. I love the retro 8-bit design of this shirt although I'd love it more as a poster in my future gaming room.
Need I explain this sweater? I thought it was hideous at first but looking into those beady little eyes makes me love this sweater more than I should...
(Pretty Snake)
I literally just 'LOL' when I realized the significance of the mustache design...cookie stache! get it?
(Lenny Mud)
This jellyfish is just pure gorgeous. I like the fact that it's frame ready and uniquely painted. It gives a sense of originality rather than just buying a picture of a jellyfish.
(Elise Mahan)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Born Pretty!

I first stumbled on the Born Pretty website when I started noticing their ads on some of my favorite bloggers. When I finally checked their page out, I was surprised by how cheap their items were. Normally that would raise some kind of an internal alarm but after reading a bunch of reviews from other companies and bloggers, I decided to give them a try. I found myself already saving numerous items on my wishlist so when I had an opportunity to review an item from their list of choices, I jumped right in.

I decided to try out their Fashion Popular Lip Candy Color Lipstick (that's a mouthful!) because I've been seeing a trend of Nail Polish reviews about the company. So I decided to go a different direction...and I also needed new lipstick.

When I opened the package I immediately noticed that the lipstick that I ended up getting was a bit orange. I stared at it for about 5 minutes telling myself over and over that 'I swear I ordered the red'. Whatever, it's a lipstick and i'll review it regardless!

My package also came with a surprise which I hear they almost always do for their orders. I got a simple but cute retractable pen. I thought it was a nice touch of appreciation for their customers and almost immediately won my heart!

Regardless of the color, the lipstick was very smooth. The color was very pigmented and lasted for almost three hours and as it faded, my lip somehow turned a shade darker. 
Before                                                                                 After
               Pro: Smooth application, pigmented, no line residue overtime.
Con: Labeling, wrong color (minor con).

Born Pretty doesn't only sell nail polish and make-up, they also sell a wide variety of fashion items. Be sure to check out their website for the cheapest, cutest and unique items. If you find something you like, don't forget to use my 10% coupon for an even better steal!