Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trip Down Digital Lane!

Do you hoard digital pictures on your phone because you're too lazy to upload it into your computer? Well, join the club! I have spent all weekend going through three cellphones (two old ones) just to see what kind of pictures I have just stored in secrecy. Little did I know I'd get warped into a whirlwind of emotions and nostalgia. I literally found myself laughing and almost crying just by the amount of memories I had almost forgotten!

Here's some of the random ones I had found and had struck me with the most emotions.

Independence Day Weekend 2013. It was the first 4th of July without my family but the first with my boyfriend's. They always celebrated at their grans beach house and I must admit, it was a lot relaxing.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 had just ended and we found our way back to the pier. My feet was throbbing and my stomach was churning but seeing this majestic ship distracted me from all of it.

Yearly Fair West Palm Beach, FL. I never really thought I had a fear of heights until our carousel was stuck 24623 feet from the ground for 15 minutes!

I have about 11347 or so shots of this same spot. I am in love with how the moonlight is peaking through my blinds every single night.

5th year anniversary with my boyfriemd. We didn't have a car but managed to get to Miami and had lunch by the ocean which is one of my go-to spots.

Oregon Zoo winter of 2012. I was giving two of my friends from Florida a tour of the Pacific Northwest and just had to show them Polar Bears!

11th Quarter Midterm hustle. I miss seeing the line of computers back to back and their cords almost tripping every passerby. My batch was definitely the best crew to graduate with.

End of the line, graduatees celebration at my old Library job. My boss has this creepy sculpture of Pikachu that would always scare every patron that'd come in. 

If you want a trip down memory lane, there's nothing better than old phones. I know I'll definitely have to transfer pictures immediately before tomorrow comes because it'll be there forever!


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  2. Nice pics! I love going through my photos and reminiscing about the great times and experiences I have had.

  3. I'm really bad about hoarding photos too. I should probably go through them all. I love all of your photos!!