Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Servings #12

One of my favorite Halloween tradition is baking. I just love the idea of turning cute cupcakes into menacing (but yummy) creations! I need this cookie cutter in my life, my brain is already forming way too many ideas!
(Verbrugge Watercolor)
I am in love with this beautiful clutch! The fact that it features the Pacific Ocean and I see a part of my country makes it a lot more special. I definitely need to save up.
(Crafts by Nesli)
Speaking of cupcakes, I just love how this treat is set up. I might just have to try this little creation soon.
(Better Homes and Garden)
Off topic now but I can't get over this VW concept car. It's not my first choice aesthetically but think about all the benefits with that boat deck. I can see myself cruising around the beaches of Florida, park it out then climb on top for maximum sunbathing!
(Oh Gizmo)
Supernatural is back with the new season and I can't wait until the next episode (Ezekiel, can I get an amen!). This print is so beautifully made, I love it's paper craft style and the details the artist has put into each character.
(Unicorn Empire Prints)

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