Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Servings #2

I'm officially counting down the hours before I head out to the Northwest. I've been missing jogging at dawn and cozy coffee shops since moving to sunny Florida.

I have been collecting maps since high school and my dream one day is to actually own an antique sea chart. This map by Petrus Plancius is the first printed map to include decorative allegorical figures to embellish the area surrounding the hemispheres.
(Rare Maps)

Books have always been a great escape of mine. I'm so curious why these books are chained.
(The Chained Library)

I'm planning on re-dying my hair while I'm home. I'm just not sure if I should actually (finally) dye my tips a dark green or just go back to my normal red tips. Hmmmm...
(Haircolor Ideas)

May look different to some of you but I promise you it's soo good. I can't wait to have home cooked meals! It sure has been awhile.


  1. That first photo is eerie but very pretty

    1. I can totally see what you mean! lol