Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Food Day

This last Saturday, my family had gone on somewhat of a food adventure. Looking at these pictures had me realize how food is actually so important to our family. After church, we go out to eat. We go to the mall, we go out to eat. Someone's visiting, we go out to eat. It's like whatever we do, it's always rewarded by some really good food. Come to think of it, everyone's getting ready to get some Pho :).

Anyways, my day started with my favorite Green Tea Frapp and a brownie that I couldn't possibly pass on. But look at these new (I think) pastry packaging. It was such a cute/tasty combination of colors.

After church my family headed over the bridge for some good Pho @Pho.com. Most of the places my family takes me are new to me considering they decided to explore other cuisines while I was away for college (hmpf!). I got the Wonton Soup and it was delicious. I ordered the small size and I still couldn't finish it. 

Afterwards, my family for some reason still had room for desserts so we stopped by Gary's Bakery & Bistro. While my mom was buying a fresh loaf of bread, I was distracted by the dessert display. It was nearing the end of the day and they only had a few treats left. My brother ended up buying a couple of Tiramisu for later. 

Then my mom mentioned this one place that apparently had the best crepes in town and the next thing I knew, we pull up to Mojo Crepes. The first thing I notice is the cute little monkeys on their windows and the Nutella bottles on their wall. I was about to order my crepe when I notice their ice creams and I literally almost lost my head when I noticed they had Green Tea as one of the flavors! I was in dessert heaven.

Although I didn't get crepes, I had a few sample from my mom's and brother's strawberry banana crepes. So I didn't really miss out on anything.

The place also had lounge chairs everywhere and a couple of pool tables. My family and I played for a bit and it was fun just hanging out for a change. Overall the place seemed perfect for couples and a sweet spot for hanging out with your friends. I may be back for some green tea ice cream soon.

As I sit here typing out my day, this lovely Tiramisu is being devoured. Thanks bro.

So whenever you're in the northwest, specifically Portland, OR, be sure to check those places out. I'm sure it won't disappoint!

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  1. That crepe looks delicious! You are right, food and having meals as a group is almost like an event lol. It brings people together. My friends and I get together and go for dinner or lunch a lot, sometimes we even make something together and have a patio day at home. We always joke that our book club should be an eat club lol.

    1. Eat club should be mandatory during or after book club! lol ;)

  2. Oh I looooove the food pictures. A green tea frap?!?!!?!? I never go to Starbucks, but wow, that sounds... interesting?

    1. If you enjoy green tea you might love it :) but you should definitely try it out. I know Starbucks has a thing that if you absolutely hate the drink they'll give you a different one for free...so be sure to tell your barista about your second thoughts :)

  3. Yum!
    I sure could use a piece of cake right now, I'm a sucker for sweets lol.

  4. You made me hungry! All those foods look nummy! That soup looks so nummy!!!

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  5. Yum. I love pho. I feel like I am always finding a reason to eat, too :)

  6. Food is a necessary part of life, might as well enjoy it!! :)